Garden Nursery Retailer of the Year

Our Story

Every story has a beginning. For Diaco’s Garden Nursery, the story begins with Grandfather Antonio, who moved to Melbourne from Italy in 1949. For over 60 years and 3 generations, our family has built businesses with the objective of providing great service, quality products and value for money. We are passionate about changing the landscape of the gardening and nursery industry. Our vision is to bring back the local garden nursery, providing customers with an individual and specialised service.

The Diaco’s Garden Nursery started in 2000 as a 4-day pop-up plant market in Heatherton. Since then it has grown to 3 locations and has transformed the garden nursery market on the Mornington Peninsula. With a wealth of family history behind us we are now looking to the future, and are inviting franchisees to join with us and help us grow further. To become a Diaco’s franchisee, you will have a passion for plants and gardening, and share our vision of providing great customer service.

Our Values


We are driven by a passion and a love for what we do. We live and breathe our business, we are hands-on and know that you have to work hard to realise your dreams.


We believe that family comes before work, and that you should always put aside time to be with the people you love. We also treat our workplace as an extended family, and like to give our colleagues and customers a sense of belonging.


We believe in creating an environment where we can continue to learn and grow. You can always learn something new, and we strive to connect with our customers and our team to share knowledge and boost our skills.

Simple and Direct

We are straightforward, to the point, and completely authentic in how we communicate with our customers. We believe in being as understanding and helpful as possible. We know who we are and we respect honesty and integrity.

Our Team

For the Diaco Family, gardens and nursery care run in the blood. Generations of knowledge and experience in the garden nursery industry back up this proficient team. This history spans back to 1949 when Antonio Diaco moved here from southern Italy.

Since then, the family has sold fruit and vegetables at Melbourne’s famous Victoria Markets, run a farm in Springvale, opened the original Diaco’s “Four Day Plant Market” and expanded to three Diaco’s Garden Nursery sites. Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service, and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from.

Our Story

Diaco’s Garden Nurseries is a household name in Melbourne and its surrounds after fifteen years in the industry. We are famous for our service, our range of quality products, and our knowledge and expertise. Our customers come to us for something they cannot get at a large gardening retailer: a smile, a genuine interest in their gardening needs, and service that goes above and beyond. We have a passion for plants and gardening, and we work with the customer to suit their individual and personal needs.

We know that the details count, which is why our service is priority, and why Diaco’s has become so highly recognisable. Our outstanding service and commitment also extends to our franchisees, who will be warmly welcomed into the Diaco’s Family. We have developed our support structures and franchising business model to ensure that we are able to maintain excellent customer service and a high standard of support for franchisees. You will be delighted by the warm family feel and authenticity of the Diaco’s culture.

Proven and Profitable

Diaco’s has 15 years’ experience in the garden nursery business, having grown from a 4-day pop-up market stall in 2000 to three sites with an extensive range of gardening products and plants. As a franchisee you will benefit from the support of our successful business model. You will be provided with assistance and encouragement from our experienced team, and will be able to navigate around any potential mistakes. Your Diaco’s business will have all the benefits of a local nursery that will provide individual and specialised service, as well as the advantage of the professional expertise and support of a bigger company.

Diaco’s has maintained great relationships with local suppliers for over thirteen years. Over this time, we have developed great buying power and have refined our processes and operations. Our supplier relationships have been formalised, and ensure consistent quality products and good prices. We have also created a range of Diaco’s branded products available for sale at all our stores.

The Garden Nursery Market

Diaco’s Garden Nursery considers customer service to be our most important feature. We understand that customers come to us for advice, a quality discussion about their gardening needs, and an honest and helpful solution.

Market conditions are ideal. A positive growth platform, with revenue forecast to increase at an annualised 2.6% to reach $1.01 billion in the next 5 years, combined with a growing demand for specialised customer service is set to propel our vision. Our focus is, and always will be, a passion for gardening and creating an environment where customers can get their hands dirty and hear from people that know their stuff.

Diaco’s understands the individual preferences and practical needs of customers with different living conditions and gardens. We stay on top of trends within the market, and work to stay relevant to our variety of customers. Now is an excellent time to get on-board as a franchisee, as the industry is growing and Diaco’s is moving forward with it.

Training, Systems and Support

With fifteen years’ experience in the garden nursery business, Diaco’s have great industry knowledge. Our passionate, friendly team will provide you with the training and support you need to get your business up and running. You will also have full access to our extensive variety of plants, gardening equipment, and products.

We have an NGIV and Diaco’s co-branded cadetship program to train franchisees onsite at one of our locations, as well as at your own site.


When we communicate with our customers, we speak with honesty, authenticity, and integrity and with a love for what we do. Our marketing strategy is a commitment to having a two-way dialogue with our customers. This not only means good advertising and trying to sell our products, but sharing our stories and passion for gardens, and listening to feedback.

Diaco’s has recently reinvigorated our brand’s image to better reflect the personality of our business. Along with a beautiful new logo, we have created over fifty different illustrations for our internal signage, as well as business cards, letterheads and packaging, which you as a franchisee will benefit from. Thedesign and feel matches our commitment to service and quality products – this is the symbol of what we promise our customers every day.

As a franchisee, you can be assured that your business is a part of a successful and well-known brand. We will provide a consistent branding and marketing message across all of our locations, and work with you to promote our brand image.

Our Customers

Customers at Diaco’s Garden Nursery are passionate about their gardens and commend us on our service and product range. They come to Diaco’s for our diverse plant range, friendly staff and quality products. We have developed strong accord with our customers through years of experience in product sourcing, great range through strong supplier relationships, extensive knowledge of our products and the industry, and great quality at good value.

We are also highly aware of the broad range of people that come through our doors. From tiny inner-city garden spaces to large rural properties, we are able to assist customers in finding exactly what they need for their situation. Diaco’s is able to provide sound advice to tradesman and gardeners and our service extends to all of our customers whether purchasing one plant or several truck loads.

Our franchise offering is designed to provide more people with the personalised service of a local garden nursery.


We are leading the way with advanced applications to ensure organisation, preparation, and ease of communication. Gone are the days of losing post-it notes with vital information, forgetting to water the roses, and failing to look at the communication board – all of our technology can be accessed with the ease of a mobile phone.

Diaco’s has technology systems in place for point-of-sale, inventory and accounting systems to ensure smooth running of the business. We employ best practice methodologies to provide strong ongoing support through technology, and ensure training and coaching is always available to our franchisees.

While you are out on the job giving customers the best service possible, you can be sure that things will be running as they should in all areas of the business with the support of our stable and organised technology systems.

Establishment Costs

When you become a Diaco’s franchisee, we will provide you with full technology enablement, training, full operational implementation support and our new design and fit-out guidelines.

Establishment costs start from $450K depending on the business format – you have the option to include a bulk yard or just a nursery. Ongoing fees include 2% marketing fund contribution for the entire Diaco’s franchise network marketing, and 8% royalty fees. Typically, our business model will provide a return in 2.5-3.5 years.

Most importantly, you will be welcomed into the Diaco’s Family, and will be seen not only as an extension of the business, but as a valued and important contribution. The support we provide you with will help you get set up and fully functioning as soon as possible.

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