Gee’d Up For Geelong Opening

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Diacos Garden Nursery Geelong

We’re all set to open our first franchise in Geelong this spring.

From starting a humble plant market in 2000, Mario, Ricky, Tony and all the Diaco’s team have plant by plant, transformed the garden nursery market in the South Eastern Suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.

The Diaco brothers will consolidate 17 years of hard toil when they cross the bay. In recent years we’ve made some challenging but important changes to our brand and systems. Evolving our products and services to enhance the customer experience all round, has allowed us to bring this experience to more Victorians. We’re excited to share our love of plants and gardening with the people of Geelong and hope they look forward to getting their hands dirty this spring.

While Diaco’s is growing, our focus has never been and never will be about size. A family run business, we aim to bring back the local garden nursery and provide individual, specialised service to our customers, no matter where they are.

There’s always been a Diaco brother at a Diaco’s nursery, so we were careful to choose someone who could champion our values for the people of Geelong.

New franchisee, Tim Courtney, fits the bill. “He’s been a customer at the Diaco’s Mornington,” says Diaco’s Managing Director, Mario Diaco. “He knows our products, loves what we do and is committed to the business,” says Mario. So much so, he and his young family are moving to Geelong to open their Diaco’s garden nursery.

The Diaco’s Geelong team will run educational and trade workshops that cater for gardeners of all levels from school children to landscapers. This is a chance for the Geelong community to learn and share gardening ideas, forming social and professional connections.

Diaco’s prides itself on being large enough to supply landscapers and gardeners, while small enough to help customers with a single plant.

The loyalty card program that’s proven so popular among the public and tradespeople of Melbourne’s south-east, is on offer in the west too. These initiatives along with a new on-site cafe, will provide Geelong with the love and support their gardens and their community needs to keep growing.

We can’t wait to see you this spring to celebrate what’s new in your garden and in our amazing new Geelong store.

See you soon at 138-140 Bellarine Hwy, Geelong!